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Portuguese poll shows vast majority think Atletico Madrid is not the right club for João Felix

A recent poll on prestigious Portuguese football website A Bola shows that fans do not believe Atletico is the right club for Joao Felix.

The 19-year old is to complete a huge 120 million euro move to the Spanish capital, where he is believed to be serving as a direct replacement to Antoine Griezmann.

Griezmann is believed to be on his way to Barcelona for the same fee.

However, while Felix is expected to be given significant game time under Simeone’s management, responses to the poll generally reacted negatively to the transfer news.

The question posed by A Bola was as follows: “Is Atletico Madrid the ideal club for Joao Felix to pursue his career?”

In response, only a measly 14% of people that answered the question replied yes, meaning that a significant 86% of people believe that Atletico Madrid is not the right next step for Felix in his career.

Whether that was down to those answering being upset Benfica fans who didn’t want to see their star man leave, or if this was the genuine general consensus, is not easy to decipher, although the sheer number of people that think this is a poor move for Felix speaks volumes.

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